Friday, December 19, 2008

More bad photos!

youngster with a nice dorsal fin
red eye
The white blob is duckweed, but I didn't fool with the green.  Glare, I guess.
Hold Still!!!!
Is this guy pink and turquiose???
OK, I should say that one reason for the blurr is that the image above is what I start with to get the portraits of individuals.  If you're hassled with the poor photography, know that I'm a hundred times as grouchy about the blur!

Maybe I can put a pump in, to create a current, so they'll have to swim fast for ten minutes, then they'll be tired and hold still?  HA!!  I bet not!.  owell.

I've decided to put new fish here every day, to have a Big Project for the Day, a my father always wanted of me.  OK, Daddy, only took me until I'm sixty years old to find that Big Project, but it will lead to greater endeavors!

OK, til tomorrow.

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