Friday, December 26, 2008

The rough beginnings of a guppy club

Little kids are a pain.

I was away for a little while, and when I came back, well more than half my guppies were gone, and the few left were freaked and hiding.

A little while later, a woman I know was in my yard, with about seven or eight kids, one had a plastic one gallon jug. She said one of the kids had 'found' the guppies, and they were all coming to take more. She had come along with the kids because she was suspicious about the whole thing about fish being up a dry hill. They'd come from a house nearby, up a little path through some untrimmed bushes. She was REAL surprised to see me. Finally they left, without more guppies.

We'll see if the missing fishies return, the lady said she would tell the mother. And she said they'd bring back the fish. But they're probably dead by now.

My guppies.
Next morning, the next chapter-- I didn't get much sleep last night, I was too upset. I have most of my stuff at that house, but am not totally moved in there, and sleeping there. So I'm still in this rental place. I was wide awake at 4:30 am, said 'fooey' and got up and started up the coffee pot.

At first light, I drove to the house, and went around back to the porch, and Hooray! there were my gups again. I looked closely, and my #1 favorite had made it through the move. I might spend sometime today moving them inside. There's no livingroom furniture, so looks like it'll be guppy ponds.
Extremely stressful two days, or day and a night. For the Mama gups too, I am now blessed with about--oh, at least 500 babies. Maybe a thousand.

I'm planning on enlisting a lot of local help, people good with kids, they are rare!,,, and see if a guppy club of some sort can happen. The little boy, Steven, must have really wanted the fish. I guess he's eight or nine years old.

It was really nice, yet sadly wistful to sit with my gups this afternoon, and see my eight or ten favorite individuals. But they hide when they've finished their food. The Mamas even hide when there's food newly sprinkled, I have to go put it in amongst the hyacinth plants.

Ah, well, life happens. I slept hours this afternoon, recovering from the stress.

So, it's not sad about the gups and kids, especially the boy. Maybe he can be 'President' of the club. No dues, just trade fish.

And there's a young woman in the neighborhood that's really messed up, in a motorized wheelchair, who tried to raise 40k for a van to go to school at the University here, and major in business. Maybe she can open a TINY guppy store. Sell what is extra here to a wholesaler in Miami--- just random thoughts. Host an international guppy show and conference. They happen, guppies are a big deal, worldwide.

I hope there's some lemonade here.

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