Tuesday, December 30, 2008

more fishes

I keep seeing this fish. Brightest of tails, oops, caudal fins, and a colorful dorsal fin, but no body color. I wonder if it's a female??
bright guy

The fish on the left, the eye spots aren't symmetrical. Hmm. He's a Wink!

Just three for right now. I'm almost beginning to see these fishies in my sleep! Thanks for looking in!

Tails and a rainbow

Click the rainbow for a larger view!
interesting tails.  overdone enhancement.
Gosh, I'm inept today, can't get the sizes right, can't spell. blurry, worse than normal images!

Weather's awful here, big surf, rough diving for visitors, none for me, I'm a wimp!

Monday, December 29, 2008

What color are they? Ummm...

Someday I'll sort out the photography and have better photos.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The rough beginnings of a guppy club

Little kids are a pain.

I was away for a little while, and when I came back, well more than half my guppies were gone, and the few left were freaked and hiding.

A little while later, a woman I know was in my yard, with about seven or eight kids, one had a plastic one gallon jug. She said one of the kids had 'found' the guppies, and they were all coming to take more. She had come along with the kids because she was suspicious about the whole thing about fish being up a dry hill. They'd come from a house nearby, up a little path through some untrimmed bushes. She was REAL surprised to see me. Finally they left, without more guppies.

We'll see if the missing fishies return, the lady said she would tell the mother. And she said they'd bring back the fish. But they're probably dead by now.

My guppies.
Next morning, the next chapter-- I didn't get much sleep last night, I was too upset. I have most of my stuff at that house, but am not totally moved in there, and sleeping there. So I'm still in this rental place. I was wide awake at 4:30 am, said 'fooey' and got up and started up the coffee pot.

At first light, I drove to the house, and went around back to the porch, and Hooray! there were my gups again. I looked closely, and my #1 favorite had made it through the move. I might spend sometime today moving them inside. There's no livingroom furniture, so looks like it'll be guppy ponds.
Extremely stressful two days, or day and a night. For the Mama gups too, I am now blessed with about--oh, at least 500 babies. Maybe a thousand.

I'm planning on enlisting a lot of local help, people good with kids, they are rare!,,, and see if a guppy club of some sort can happen. The little boy, Steven, must have really wanted the fish. I guess he's eight or nine years old.

It was really nice, yet sadly wistful to sit with my gups this afternoon, and see my eight or ten favorite individuals. But they hide when they've finished their food. The Mamas even hide when there's food newly sprinkled, I have to go put it in amongst the hyacinth plants.

Ah, well, life happens. I slept hours this afternoon, recovering from the stress.

So, it's not sad about the gups and kids, especially the boy. Maybe he can be 'President' of the club. No dues, just trade fish.

And there's a young woman in the neighborhood that's really messed up, in a motorized wheelchair, who tried to raise 40k for a van to go to school at the University here, and major in business. Maybe she can open a TINY guppy store. Sell what is extra here to a wholesaler in Miami--- just random thoughts. Host an international guppy show and conference. They happen, guppies are a big deal, worldwide.

I hope there's some lemonade here.

I'm pedalling backwards around a curve.

Here I am charmed with the eyespot, and a knowledgable breeder of Fancy Guppies commented that the eye spot is really difficult to get rid of!!  Hahaha!

So much for jumping in a subject knowing nothing about it.   Like moving to the tropics and all of a sudden trying to snow ski with the best of them.

Ah, well.  There's a discussion about "What is a Fancy Guppy?", and someone said, a big tail.  I'll stick with that!!  I'm sticking with the eye spot.  Tails:  red, blue, yellow, caliope(multicolors).  Eye spots: white eye, red eye, double eye.

Some that I like--
Blue ( mostly, anyway)
Caliope, I like Caliope.
Double Eye
I think my photos will improve, I took some yesterday before I fed the little monsters.  They stay on the surface, which is what's needed in that healthy green water which is full of algae and microscopic thingies that they can eat.  I wonder what they see?
OK, all for now, thanks for stopping by!  Have enough, and a great day!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dec 24th

I'm getting confused, and probably posting repeat photos, and new photos of fish that I've already posted, owell!! Please bear with me, and maybe even let me know about the repeats. I'm not printing these photos and making a decent filing system. "soon come"
And Season's Greetings, I'll 'go beach' tomorrow. I feel sorry for the snow and cold folks. I left that a long time ago.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shotgun breeding program

I wonder how many fishies are in there? I control the water hyacinths to stay that size of a clump, and the upside down milk crate is so they can have room to come and go from.
In the next, older post, the first photo is a mama gup with a spot. I'll put her in her own tub, for six months or more, and put all the babies in another tub. Then I'll choose from the seventy thousand babies a few boys to go back in with Mama. Hmm, maybe I should have a boy's and a girl's tubs. This could get complicated!
None of this one mama and one papa for me! hahaha!
Thanks for visiting.

Monday, December 22, 2008

late nite fish, won't be online all day tomorrow

A crush of guppies.  I think that's a female with a spot!  Upper left.  A bit dark, this group of photos.  I was able to limit myelf to 60 shots, unnlike last time, 320 image to go through!  I am so happy with digital, but it is SO time consuming!
Such a tail!  His spots are different, one and two.
I would like to know why some tails are bright, and some not.
And one of the electric orange/yellow fishes.

Monday, Monday

I might start analyzing now. The eye is too small, and not circled by white. Gorgeous tail!!!

Good baby Red Eye. I believe their tails grow and grow as they age. I don't know how long guppies live. Three years? More?

This boy is so electric orange! The photo doesn't show how bright he is!

Dive, dive, dive! These guys dislike my camera, and they can see it, I'm sure. That huge eye looking at them, the lense.
Plenty of babies!! I put a bowl in the pool, and a plate upside down on it, hoping to get better photos, but the old males refused to swim in!
Another diver. Great tail, good eyespot.
Same fish, I thimmk. I don't know if the tail, caudal fin, is clear or has been nipped-- shredded, more like it.
The huge white thing is a tie-wrap that I was trying to use both a an attractor for the fish, and something for my camera to grab for focusing.
Wheee! all for now. Have enough for yourself today, and a little extra to share!