Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aieee! More blurry photos!

I see this fellow often, he swims in a spastic shimmy, having to drag that long tail behind.  I find it amazing that one can be recognized in the squirming mob of hundreds wanting to be fed.
OK, my last efforts at photos didn't come out at all, much more blurry than these, if you can imagine! 
I did get a second pool, for guppy sorting, but then I got some shrimp and tiny fishes from a mudhole that was drying up.  They must be terribly active in that pool, because the silt from the rescue operation is completely stirred up.  I see an occaional shrimp swim by, but nothing else.  The first critters I put in were just a few of the little shrimp, about one or two centimeters long, less than an inch, and the silt settled, and I could see the bottom of the pool. 
Not now!  the second addition was about a shovelfull of the silt, and maybe fifteen fish, and fifty shrimps.  I had quite a time getting them out of that shallow ditch! 
But then, oh well, I hope the fish that I rescued are doing well.  No idea what they are, they sit on the bottom, not free swimmers.  The mudhole is totally dried now.  This is a natural thing here on St. Croix, the seasons are dry/wet.  So I guess the last thing these fellows do is leave eggs for the next rainy season.  Maybe they won't live very long where they are, in my pool.
I'll get the water the same as the guppy water, I believe the pH is very different, needs testing, then I'll start sifting guppies.
OK, later!  I'm making a definite effort to post every day, but I'm running out of photos right now, ah. 

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